CIRTL Certifications

CIRTL@UB awards three successive levels of nationally-recognized certifications to endorse and highlight your achievement to prospective employers. Each of these programs may be tailored to your field of interest, to create an individualized program. 

The following steps outline the basic requirements for each certification. Certificate programs are open to previously enrolled UB graduate students and postdocs, and all requirements can be achieved at no cost. All requirements must be complete by December 31, 2022.

Associate-Level Practitioner-Level Scholar-Level

CIRTL scholars have the knowledge and skills to add to the knowledge-base of teaching and learning, through the sharing of the results of teaching-as-research projects with peers.

Requirements for Scholar-Level Certification

Individualized Program Guidelines for Scholar-Level Certification

The individualized program is for those who wish to tailor the original certificate program to a specific field of study or interest. Individual programs must integrate the three CIRTL core ideas: teaching-as-research, learning communities and learning-through-diversity, and must meet the minimum hours of activity required.

For more information about the individualized program, attend a CIRTL@UB Learning Community meeting.

Have you completed scholar-level certification requirements?