UB Information Policies

All reports generated by UB Scoring Services are provided using the following student identifiers: person number, last name and first name.

Faculty who need to review reports with students should not use any reports that aggregate student identifying information. Our recommendation is to use the Student Grade Report, which restricts the display of sensitive data to the individual student record.

Faculty should also be aware of university information policies and safe data handling practices.

Access to Student Information: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Definition of 'personally identifiable information' includes any personal identifier such as a student’s Social Security number or identification number, person number or any personal characteristics or other information that would make a student’s identity easily traceable.

Data Classification Standard

A student's UB Person Number is identified as Category III: Internal Use Data.

Social Security Number and Person Number Usage

Student Preferred Name Policy

Faculty and staff responsibilities include:

  • Using a student's preferred name whenever possible.
  • Using a student’s legal name when required.
  • Routing students to the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as needed.

UB's Information Security Office

Information Security Officer
Office of the Vice President and CIO
517 Capen Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260