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Temporary location of high-speed scanner for summer 2018

The high-speed scanning station, previously located in 5 Norton Hall, is now available in 127 Capen Hall. This is a temporary location while a more permanent location is prepared.

127 Capen Hall is located inside the Silverman Library, near the Academic Resources Center (ARC) and the Digital Composition Lab (DCL).

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Limit: 8 characters. Do not include ''.

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Answer Sheets

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Single answer questions worth 1 point each.
Use bubble sheet to submit answer key with test scans.

Single, Multiple-Or, and Multiple-And questions worth 1 or
more points.
Use eTemplate to create answer key.

Single and Multiple-And questions worth 1 or more points,
mapped to test version A.
Use eTemplate to create answer key and question map.
ATTENTION: Updated instructions are now available
for manually creating question maps.
Learning Outcomes

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Scoring Results

Student Identification

All reports generated by UB Scoring Services are provided using the following student identifiers: person number, last name and first name.

Faculty who need to review reports with students should not use any reports that aggregate student identifying information. Our recommendation is to use the Student Grade Report which restricts the display of sensitive data to the individual student record.

Faculty should also be aware of university information policies and safe data handling practices.

Learn more about UB Information Policies

Optional Reports

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Scoring Data

Excel spreadsheet of scoring results.

Condensed Test Report

This report lists each question on the test along with the frequencies for each answer choice.

UBlearns Gradebook Upload File
Student Grade Report

This report includes:

  • An image of the student's answer sheet (shows both student name and ID).
  • Learning outcomes if learning outcomes are provided.

Statistics Report

This report is a group of statistical reports and is run against all test versions. The three reports included are:

  • Class Frequency Distribution.
  • Student Statistics.
  • Test Statistics.

Detailed Item Analysis Report

Using the Item Analysis report, you can see how students responded to the question. If problems are found (e.g., the question was poorly worded), you can throw out the question or allow additional responses to be considered correct without rescanning test forms.

Student Achievement Report

This report allows you to quickly see which students are meeting standards and which students might be falling behind.

Demographic Grade Report

This report is particularly effective for reporting on all subgroups of students to ensure they are making adequate yearly progress.

Student Response Reports

This group of reports looks at how students answered questions and is run against all test versions. The three reports included are:

  • Student Response.
  • Changed Answer by Item Report.
  • Student Response Similarities.

Special Instructions