Scan Answer Sheets

The preferred process is to scan your answer sheets using the high-speed scanner located in 127 Capen Hall. This will ensure the best possible scan of your answer sheets.

The most common errors when scanning are shifted, rotated, scaled or washed out pages. All of these errors can be the result of improper scanning, printing or handling.

An improperly printed answer sheet (printed at less than 100 percent, rotated, printed too lightly or photocopied) cannot be improved through the process of scanning.

Answer sheets that have been damaged because of stapling, folding, tearing and dog-earring can make feeding answer sheets into the scanner difficult. Flattening bent or folded paper and jogging papers so the sheets are nicely aligned will help with scanner feeding and scan quality.

Type of Test

If your test is a Unique test (see Scoring Project Types), place the completed bubble sheet answer key as the first answer sheet in your stack of answer sheets to scan.

If you have an Advanced or Multiple Version test then you will be submitting your answer key using our eTemplates and will only need to scan the student answer sheets.

Scanning Answer Sheets on Your Personal Scanner

Set up your scanner.

  1. Scan to PDF (do not use special compression or other condensed PDF formats).
  2. Set "Scan Resolution" to "300 dpi".
  3. Choose "Monochrome" or "Black & White" (do not use "Grayscale" or "Color").
  4. Use the correct page size.
    • If the template is a US template then use US letter (8.5" x 11") scan size.
    • If the template is an A4 template then use A4 (210 mm × 297 mm) scan size.
  5.  Complete a test scan and check that scans are:
    • clear and crisp
    • not shifting up or down
    • not being scaled
    • straight (not being rotated)
  6. Once your scanner is giving you correctly scanned answer sheets, save the settings with a memorable name so you will not have to set them each time you scan.

Properly scanned. This sheet will be processed without any problems.

Scans with the problems shown below cannot be processed and will be returned for hand scoring.

Scan has been rotated and clipped. Scanner pick-up spools may need cleaning.

Shifted scan. Pages may be dog-eared or bent or there may be too many sheets are in the feeder.

Scan is too light or washed-out.

Scan has streaks or lines. Scanner may need to be cleaned.

Submitting Scanned Answer Sheets

  • We recommend that you scan your answer sheets to one PDF file.
  • Please add your scoring job number and the instructor's UBITName to the beginning of your file name.
    • Example: 123456_jsmith_answersheets.pdf
  • We are using UBbox to make it easier to send your scoring job files to us.