Print Answer Sheets

The preferred process is for instructors to print answer sheets directly to laser printers on bright white 20 lb. paper.

We do not recommend having students print their own answer sheets.

Getting the Best Results When Printing

  • Use Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) or Adobe Acrobat Pro to open the answer sheet template that you have downloaded to your computer.
    • Do not print from a web browser as the fonts used in the template may not print properly.
  • Print all answer sheets directly to a laser printer or a printer/copier.
    • Do not print one answer sheet and photocopy the rest.
    • Do not use inkjet or wax-based printers.
  • Print on white paper. Do not use colored paper.
  • Print in "Grayscale" or "Black and White".
  • Print to the correct size paper.
    • US templates print to letter-size paper: 8.5" by 11"
    • A4 templates print to A4-size paper: 210 mm by 297 mm
    • Note: A4 templates are for courses offered in Singapore and other international locations.
  • Print at “100%” of size. Choose "Custom Scale" or "Scale" and set to “100%”.
    • Do not “Fit”, “Shrink” or “Grow” the size.

A print dialog box showing the properly configured print settings.

A correctly printed answer sheet template.

An incorrectly printed answer sheet template. Note the hash marks in the corners. The only way these marks will show is if the template is printed at less than 100% of size.

This sheet may not be able to be processed.

Additional Tips

  • If you will be using a large number of forms during a semester you may wish to have the forms preprinted, in bulk, by a printing service, such as Staples or FedEx Office, as their price per page may be cheaper than your office printer.
  • Do not staple, paper-clip or fold answer sheets, and work to minimize dog-eared answer sheets as these can lead to difficulty scanning or processing your answer sheets.
  • If you are uncertain of your ability to print and/or scan your answer sheets, we will happily pre-test your printed answer sheets in advance of your test administration to ensure that they can be processed. Please plan in advance.