Log In Below to Download Answer Sheet Templates

How to Download Answer Sheet Templates from UBbox

Login to the UBscore Downloads folder on UBbox

1. Click Secure Log In. This will open a new browser window.

2. Click Sign In with SSO in the lower portion of the wondow. This will display the Single Sign On form.

3. Enter your UB email address in Email Address.

4. Click Sign In. This will display the Sign into UBbox form.

5. Enter your UBITName and password.
    Note: Mac users will have to add ad.buffalo.edu\ before their
    UBITName (example: ad.buffalo.edu\jsmith).

6. Click Sign in.

7. Click Close to close the login window. You should now see the folders in UB Scoring Services Downloads.

Download a file or folder

1. Click on the icon to the far right of the item you wish to downlad.

2. Choose Download.

Trouble downloading?

Contact the UB Scoring Services support team.