2020 Conference Postponed

The Genteels’ Excellence in Teaching Conference scheduled for Friday, March 20, 2020 is being postponed.

We thank you for your intended participation and support of this event. It is our hope that we will be able to revisit this topic and host our keynote speaker in the near future. Please continue to watch this website for updates.   

Genteels' Excellence in Teaching Conference

This conference brings educational professionals together to share ideas on how teachers and faculty can connect, engage and inspire students at all levels.

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iGen: How to Connect, Engage and Inspire the Newest Generation of Students

The iGen refers specifically to students born between 1996 and 2012; a period which has seen the birth of the iPhone, the vast expansion and commercialization of the World Wide Web, and the explosion of social media.

Those growing up in the iGen have never known life without integrated technology and media impacting the very ways in which they communicate, learn and engage. As a result, ways in which we teach and interact with contemporary students have become complicated due to gaps in generational approaches to communication, technologies and learning.

This conference supports excellence in teaching and is made possible through an endowment by Ron Gentile and Kay Johnson-Gentile.


Andrew McPeak, keynote presenter.

Andrew McPeak

"Marching Off the Map: Inspiring Students to Navigate a Brand New World"

Andrew McPeak is a recognized millennial communicator who brings a unique generational perspective to audiences.

McPeak is the co-author of "Marching Off the Map: Inspiring Students to Navigate a Brand New World" and has shared insights from this resource with educators, coaches and business leaders around the country.