Person reviewing architecture plans.

Build Your Course

The second step in creating an online course is building out content to fill in the structure of your course.

Content creation

Now that you’ve designed the structure and outlined the major elements of your course, it’s time to begin creating the content. This will include defining the size and structure of the course elements, making sure they’re accessible, choosing tools that facilitate student action, optimizing how students will engage with content and each other, and building assessments to gauge learning.

  • 6/1/20
    Guide and focus students’ attention on learning more efficiently by organizing content in a meaningful way and sequencing the order of presentation.
  • 6/1/20
    Design course content to meet Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles and accessibility best practices so that all students have the opportunity to reach their potential in your course.
  • 6/1/20
    Create engaging and effective videos to cultivate connections with your students, provide feedback and instructions and deliver content.
  • 6/1/20
    Build real-world skill developing activities, experiential learning opportunities and class interactions to facilitate students taking an active role in constructing their knowledge.

Next steps

When you have finished building your course, the next step is to begin evaluating your course.