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Online Teaching

In response to changing educational demands, our faculty are increasingly being called upon to move their courses online. From the initial design stages to the tools and methods facilitating content delivery, our online teaching webpages will provide you with all of the critical steps and considerations necessary for building and leading an effective online course.

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will walk you through the initial concerns and factors that will help you structure an effective course based on your intended learning outcomes, with optimal organization at both the macro and micro-levels.

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will address how to effectively structure your content to ensure that all students can engage it through a variety of modalities, ensuring both learner accessibility and active learning.

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will help you in reflecting on your course design and build through several key critical lenses and tools. These resources will assist you in making adjustments that will maximize your online course experience and intended outcomes for the student.

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will help you navigate the challenges that are unique to teaching online such as: building a sense of community in the classroom, establishing instructor presence, facilitating discussion, encouraging student collaboration and understanding grading and assessment options.

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Instructional technology

Learn to leverage and implement the technical resources that are critical to successfully navigating the preceding steps.

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We're here to help!

To meet over the phone or online with one of our learning designers please request a faculty consultation as soon as possible.