Enabling Access to Cutting-Edge Biomedical and Behavioral Science


A mentoring program to recruit and support underrepresented minority students into biomedical and behavioral sciences doctoral programs.

Project Dates

  • March 2012 - February 2017

Project Leads/PIs

  • Margarita Dubocovich, PI
    Professor and Chair
    Pharmacology And Toxicology, University at Buffalo
  • Raj Rajnarayanan, co-PI
    Assistant Professor
    Pharmacology and Toxicology, University at Buffalo
  • Xiufeng Liu, co-PI
    Center for Educational Innovation, University at Buffalo

Funding Sources

  • National Institute of Health


  • Increase the number of underrepresented graduate students in biomedical and behavioral sciences at UB by 4 per year, amounting to a total of 20 during the funding period.