UB Assessment Day

UB's annual Assessment Day is designed to help faculty, staff and administrators develop assessment strategies.

Resources from previous UB Assessment Days

Assessment 5.0: Continuous Improvement (2017)

UB faculty and staff can watch the Assessment 5.0: Continuous Improvement keynote presentation by Ellie Fogarty, vice president, Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Ellie Fogarty has shared her keynote and workshop presentations.

Assessment 4.0: Defining Quality (2016)

Keynote Address

Report from the Front Lines: Pilot Proofs of Concept at Scale Using Rubrics to Assess Undergraduate Student Learning
Dr. Daniel F. Sullivan, President Emeritus, St. Lawrence University and
Senior Advisor to the President, American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)

The Rubric Workbook

Rubric Templates

Building Your Assessment Toolbox (2013)

Are They Really Learning What We Are Teaching Them? (2012)

Keynote - Jason Adsit


Keynote Presentation Videos

  • Part 1 - Introduction (11:32)
  • Part 2 - What is Assessment and How Does It Work (9:26)
  • Part 3 - Defining Course, Program, and Institutional Assessment (20:25)
  • Part 4 - Myths, Fallacies, and Magic Bullets (22:10)
  • Part 5 - Getting Started on Effective Assessment (13:33)
  • Part 6 - Developing Learning and Program Outcomes (22:06)
  • Part 7 - The Assessment Process (5:50)
  • Part 8 - Question and Answers (9:15)

Additional Seminar Videos

  • Gerald Koudelka (6:38), Chair, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Lynn Kozlowski (5:10), Dean, School of Public Health and Health Professions
  • Cathleen Morreale (5:52), Coordinator, Public Service Internship and Experiential Learning Program, Cora P. Maloney College
  • E. Bruce Pitman (4:32), Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Additional Resources