Collecting Student Feedback

Many active learning activities have students answer questions to gauge understanding and give feedback or opinions.

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While you can ask students to their raise hands for yes/no questions, the following tools allow you to expand the type of feedback you receive from large numbers of students.

Surveys and polls

Web-based surveys let faculty collect information and feedback from students and can also visualize these results.


Also known as student response systems, clickers allow real-time student feedback. Using a specialized device or smartphone/laptop/tablet, students can be quickly polled or quizzed, and instructors can use clickers to take attendance or perform formative assessments to gauge comprehension. 

UB supports both Turning Technologies and Top Hat student response systems.

Social media

Social media is a great way to gather input by creating easy to use ‘backchannels.’ Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, when used with care, can serve as platforms for lively discussions.

The ease at which these platforms link with other online resources allows for a huge variety of learning and discussion applications.