ePortfolios help capture the bigger picture of student growth.

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What are ePortfolios?

ePortfolios are digital collections of course work, created by students, to demonstrate learning, progress and achievement. The main goal of an ePortfolio is to collect evidence of student learning and prompt student reflection.

This process of gathering, organizing and reflecting on past work and experiences can help students make connections within and between courses and better understand their growth as learners.

What are the benefits of ePortfolios?

For students, ePortfolios are a way to document and organize their progress and achievements making it easier to review; get input from peers, professors and mentors; and deploy for professional development.

There are three main types of ePortfolio that differ in purpose:

  • Reflection (or Learning) ePortfolio
    This type of ePortfolio allows students to view and reflect on their own development.
  • Showcase (or Representational) ePortfolio
    Students can give employers and graduate schools a richer picture of themselves by highlighting their achievements.
  • Assessment ePortfolio
    These demonstrate qualitative evidence of learning for program assessment. They are richer in detail and reflect professors' and programs' genuine learning objectives, not just multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank testing.

Ways to use ePortfolios in your course