Teaching Effectively

  • 9/6/19
    Technology, if used appropriately, can support both teaching and learning by expanding experiences and learning materials, supporting learning outside the classroom and potentially increasing student engagement and motivation.
  • 7/2/20
    ePortfolios help capture the bigger picture of student growth.
  • 9/7/19
    Feedback helps students grow by guiding understanding.
  • 6/8/20
    Of all the resources available to your students, your guidance as a content expert is the most valuable.
  • 9/6/19
    Cultivating a positive learning environment in your classroom will have a significant effect on your students’ learning experience.
  • 9/6/19
    Lesson plans help guide instruction and can be organized by day, week or even unit.
  • 6/8/20
    Online courses offer students the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere.
  • 12/18/19
    Open educational resources (OER) are materials offered freely and openly for educators and learners to use in teaching, learning and research.
  • 6/8/20
    Rubrics are assessment tools used for evaluating student performance.
  • 8/26/20
    The course syllabus serves as a contract between the faculty and the students.