Determining Learning Outcomes

In order to help determine either the category of a learning outcome you already have or to create a new one in a specific category, it can help to look at the verb and what you are asking students to do.

Verbs for significant learning

The following table  lists some verbs organized by significant learning category.

Significant Learning Categories Verbs
Foundational Knowledge

• Remember

• Understand
• Identify


• Use

• Judge

• Calculate

• Critique

• Do [skill]

• Create

• Manage

• Imagine

• Coordinate

• Solve

• Analyze

• Make decisions about

• Assess


• Connect

• Relate

• Integrate

• Identify the interaction between

• Compare

• Identify the similarities between

Human Dimension

• Come to see themselves as

• Understand others in terms of

• Decide to become

• Interact with others regarding


• Get excited about

• Be more interested in

• Value

• Be ready to

Learning How to Learn

• Read and study effectively

• Identify sources of information on

• Frame useful questions

• Set a learning agenda

• Be able to construct