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Christine Kroll

Assistant Vice Provost and Director

Phone: 716-645-6623

Email: ceidirector@buffalo.edu


Joanna Young

Office Manager

Phone: 716-645-1801

Email: joannayo@buffalo.edu

Communications & Marketing


Daniel Kelly

Assistant Director of Communications & Marketing

Phone: 716-645-4665

Email: dpkelly3@buffalo.edu

Image of Jeremy Cooper.

Jeremy Cooper

Content Development Specialist

Phone: 716-645-1834

Email: cooper7@buffalo.edu



Lauren Bruzga

Project Development Strategist

Phone: 716-645-0779

Email: lmbruzga@buffalo.edu


Christopher Rates

Project Development Strategist

Phone: 716-645-0772

Email: carates@buffalo.edu


Athena Tsembelis

Project Development Strategist

Phone: 716-829-6422

Email: at2@buffalo.edu

Teaching and Engagement


Rebecca Rotundo

Assistant Director of Learning Design

Phone: 716-645-7748

Email: rotundo@buffalo.edu


Michelle Connolly

Learning Designer

Phone: 716-645-2219

Email: mdc45@buffalo.edu


Maggie Grady

Learning Designer

Phone: 716-645-3357

Email: gradym@buffalo.edu

Image of Jeremy Jungbluth.

Jeremy Jungbluth

Learning Designer

Phone: (716) 645-0780

Email: jjungblu@buffalo.edu

Learning Systems


Mark Woodard

Assistant Director of Learning Systems

Phone: 716-645-6128

Email: mwoodard@buffalo.edu


Gary Koteras

Learning Systems Specialist

Phone: 716-645-2189

Email: koteras@buffalo.edu

Donald Trainor.

Donald Trainor

Learning Systems Specialist

Phone: 716-829-3687

Email: trainor@buffalo.edu