2017 Seed Grant for Promoting Pedagogical Innovation

The Tilted Classroom: Leveraging Faculty Strengths and Content Videos to Enhance Student Learning


Teaching methods for large, content-heavy classes run the gamut from traditional lecture ("flat" classroom) to the flipped classroom. This proposal seeks to evaluate a new technique - the tilted classroom - which takes advantage of the strengths of the flat and flipped approaches. The tilted classroom model leverages the strength of faculty in introducing and contextualizing new material and the advantage of the flipped classroom in the use of short content videos. These elements are linked by Socratic teaching. The goal of the proposed work is to optimize use of content videos to increase student learning by maximizing faculty strengths and student­ professor interactions in large classes.

Due to its generality, the tilted classroom model has the potential to enhance student learning in many fields, higher educational levels, and institutional settings. This generality also increases significantly its potential for external funding.


  • James Jensen
    Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering