2016 Seed Grant for Promoting Pedagogical Innovation

Promoting Learning Using Telepresence Robots in College Classroom and Labs


The objective of this seed project is to test whether Telepresence Robot (TR) can be used in the college classroom and software teaching lab settings. We will conduct four experiments to test the mature TR (VGo) at UB North Campus in fulfilling i) navigation in different classroom, ii) assisting student remote presentations, iii) Listen and view a teacher’s presentation and operate a local computer based on the presentation, and iv) Discuss with lab members in group lab projects. Practically speaking, if TR technology is being tested as an effective way of learning in the college setting, it can become the 3rd mode of distance learning in college and university settings, leading to a significant impact of college education in the near future. We will apply for a NSF grant based on the results from this seed project.


  • Changxu Wu
    Associate Professor
    Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering