2015 Seed Grant for Promoting Pedagogical Innovation

Developing a Pathway towards Effective Gamification Strategies and Faculty Implementation


This project looks to leverage the extensive experiences of an interdisciplinary project team to study gamification. The project will research the use of game-based elements in online, graduate-level coursework.

Project objectives will be to determine, document and study the: (a) process used by a faculty member to gamify an online course, (b) most effective strategies for integrating achievements (e.g., levels, badges) in an online course and (c) role game-based elements play in students’ understanding and personal reflection on their development and learning. Deliverables include a series of online modules, planned publications and conference presentations.

The topic of study is one that is timely both in terms of its potential for external funding as well as its potential to inform the educational community of an up-and-coming educational innovation.


  • Deborah Moore-Russo, PI
    Associate Professor
    Department of Learning and Instruction, University at Buffalo


Throughout this project, Deborah Moore-Russo will advise three doctoral-level students on the design and methods of their research projects, which will be undertaken through independent studies. The doctoral-level students are:

  • Jeremiah Grabowski
    School of Public Health and Health Professions, University at Buffalo
  • Anne Reed
    Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo
  • Andrew C. Wiss
    Milken Institute School of Public Health at The George Washington University