Organization and Distinction

Internally, we are organized into four clusters that represent our center's core strengths and are areas that will advance and promote UB’s academic distinction.

These clusters are a discrete part of our center's organizational structure and allow for collaborations across UB, while still maintaining essential university services.

Student Assessment and Program Evaluation

  • Develop and implement specific assessment and evaluation methods to support the university’s new general education curriculum
  • Provide scoring services and support for UB’s Course Evaluation System
  • Create professional development modules in areas of curriculum mapping,
    program- and course-level learning outcome development and syllabus design
  • Maintain and improve the automated program evaluation system to increase
    accuracy and efficiency in report submission, feedback and program improvement
  • Work with faculty to apply for large grants from state, federal and private funding agencies by providing assessment and evaluation support

Online Learning

  • Support online instruction for academic units
  • Consult with faculty individually on online teaching and learning
  • Create professional development modules that support the needs of faculty who teach online, hybrid and web-enhanced courses
  • Develop effective models, tools and resources for engaging and assessing students in online learning
  • Work with faculty to apply for large grants from state, federal and private funding agencies by providing online teaching and learning support

Application Administration of Instructional Technologies

  • Provide application administration, user support and help documentation for Blackboard on UBlearns, UBclicks and iTunes U
  • Coordinate demonstrations of cutting-edge instructional technologies from leading industry vendors and developers
  • Create professional development modules related to the basic functions and
    pedagogies of using instructional technologies
  • Develop solutions to seamlessly integrate multiple technologies across campus, including UBlearns, CEI Scoring Services and HUB
  • Apply for external grants that further develop and scale up innovations

Communication, Engagement and Dissemination

  • Provide video production for projects of education, innovation and distinction
  • Organize CEI special events, including UB Assessment Day, Genteels’ Excellence in Teaching Conference and the Conference for Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Create professional development modules related to the nuts-and-bolts of
    university teaching for new faculty and Teaching Assistants
  • Catalog UB pedagogical innovations and organize faculty Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) around specific theme areas
  • Develop publications to disseminate, both nationally and internationally,
    instructional and assessment innovations by CEI staff and UB faculty