Web Content Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions


What does establishing a standard and visual consistency among the sites mean?

Sites that are a part of UB will have identifying features that support the UB brand, and make for a consistent environment through interface, structure and navigation. Sites within an administrative or academic area will also have features to identify them as part of that area. For example, standard elements within every CIO page will identify the pages as belonging to both CIO and UB. The design challenge is to create a balance between supporting the brand, consistency of interface and navigation with meeting the specific business needs of the academic or administrative unit.

Will the project involve students, student organizations or personal faculty websites?

The project is concerned with official UB websites only. This system is no way intended to replace public Web hosting environment for the entire campus.

What are we trying to accomplish with the DCT?

The DCT has been charged to produce and implement recommendations for improving the coordination and alignment of campus Web communications in identified pilot sites. This work will lead to campus-wide recommendations for the university to implement, producing the infrastructure, standards and tools for a branded, message-centric, user-friendly Web environment. By combining expertise in their respective areas, project team members will research and identify best practices in Web communications and opportunities for the development of new and emerging Web communication tools throughout our campuses.

Where can I read more about the specifics of the initiative?

Visit the Digital Communications Transformation website today for details, templates, guidelines and case studies.