Transforming Operations

Impact of Transforming Operations

In streamlining the delivery of academic and academic support services, UB has saved money, time and resources, empowering our faculty and staff to refocus those assets where they matter most—investing in academic and research achievement.

  • Savings Through IT Consolidation

    Consolidating 70 disparate phone systems into one centralized Voice over Internet Protocol phone (VoIP) system has saved the university $700,000. An additional $2.1 million was saved by standardizing workstation purchasing into a single procurement program.

  • Streamlining Student Access

    The new Student Information System is transforming how students access services throughout their academic career at UB. Students have one web site to register for courses, request transcripts, review financial aid and plan their academic career online.  

  • Customizing Student Data

    Academic departments are able to access institutional data to assist with planning and reporting. The UB Student Information System includes a new data warehouse that offers a variety of reports, as well as the opportunity to customize information for specific departments.

  • Improving Communications

    The Web Content Initiative is standardizing institutional branding and enhancing school branding and messaging, improving marketing, training, customer support and in-house university community communication.

  • Reorganizing HR Services

    The Human Resources Strategic Transformation reorganized campus-wide HR services from 61 points across the campus into three divisional units covering business services, student affairs and the academic enterprise.

  • Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

    The Environmental Stewardship Committee has created the first UB Climate Action Plan,implementingaction items that reduce UB’s carbon footprint, increase environmentalawareness, and conserve UB’s finite resources.