Areas of Research

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Health and Wellness encompasses all of our on campus health sciences research.

Key Focus Areas

Buffalo Clinical and Translational Research Center and the Buffalo Clinical and Translational Consortium

This foci looks at establishing the University at Buffalo as a model research center through the creation of a more efficient and more effective research infrastructure. It also works to establish a training program that develops clinical researchers ready for the 21st century.

Aging and Development Core
With an ever-aging population, this strength will coordinate research into the areas of aging and living well into the 10th decade of life.

Metabolism, Obesity, and Diabetes Core
Individual and group successes are addressed along with emerging strengths in causation, mitigation, and prevention of life challenges and disorders that impact successful development and aging.

Brain and Behavior Core
Many disease entities are prevalent in the young as well as the elderly, and many late-life disorders have their origins earlier in life, which suggests the need to better understand the development of the whole person along their life spectrum.