Building UB: Our Physical Plan

Planning at UB

Planning for UB─strategic, academic, operational and capital─is fully integrated and aligned with the UB 2020 vision of UB as a premier public research university in the 21st century. Each element reinforces the whole. All are necessary for our ultimate success.

Building UB: the Comprehensive Physical Plan is the guide to the capital development of UB’s three campuses. It was created through an open and broad-based consultation with the UB community and our supporters and neighbors in the region and beyond. Its implementation is overseen by the University Planning Board with support from Academic Planning and Budget, University Facilities, and the campus architect.

The physical plan will be the subject of a Generic Environmental Impact Statement. Its practical implementation is spearheaded by the Capital Planning Group and Facilities Planning and Design. The campus master plan is also closely aligned with UB’s Climate Action Plan aimed at achieving carbon neutrality on our three campuses by 2030.