UB's Physical Plan

Physical Plan Implementation

Architecture students constructing a model.

The plan provides the vision, the tools and the information to put it into action— flexibly—in good times and bad.

Building UB: the Comprehensive Physical Plan provides a tangible vision for the future of UB’s three campuses that can be implemented flexibly as changing circumstances dictate.

The plan provides accurate and detailed information on educational programs , space requirements, facilities conditions, construction costs, project phasing, sequencing, financing and much more. It is a high-resolution road map to our future.

Our approach to implementation also includes new approaches to capital financing, reducing UB’s dependence on state funding and making better use of internal flows of funds, critical maintenance money, public-private partnerships and new methods of financing.

The implementation process will also have strong guidance from the University Planning Board with support from the campus architect and a stronger cadre of in-house planning and design professionals.