UB's Physical Plan

North Campus

Aerial view of the spine on North Campus.

North Campus will be warmer, livelier, more sociable and better connected with its neighborhoods and the community than ever before.

The plan seeks to make the North Campus more welcoming by thickening the Academic Spine with new academic and residential facilities, connecting the “spine” to the Lake LaSalle by way of a great new public space called The Oval, and by linking the center of campus with the Ellicott Complex along a new pedestrian oriented “Main Street.”

New trees will be planted, especially on the western side of campus, to protect it from the prevailing winds. Landscapes will be naturalized with native plants and retained stormwater, Lake LaSalle will be enhanced to be more beautiful and sustainable.

The plan will also simplify campus vehicular circulation, make new connections to adjacent neighborhoods, provide support for bicycles and other alternative modes of travel and reserve a place for light rail transit to arrive from the South Campus and beyond.