George Mason University Awarded by the FHWA on “Advancing Travel Behavior Information Gathering through Public Domain Data”

George Mason University, as part of a research consortium led by Dr. Lei Zhang, at the University of Maryland, is awarded by the Federal Highway Administration to develop innovative methods for longitudinal travel behavior monitoring through a research project entitled “Advancing Travel Behavior Information Gathering through Public Domain Data: Developing Data Assembly and Methods for Monitoring Monthly Multimodal Travel Trends at the Metropolitan Level”. The project aims at developing new capabilities to consistently track multimodal passenger travel behavior across all modes, many of which, including emerging on-demand services, bicycles and pedestrians, pose significant data challenges. The research team will demonstrate the new data processing, fusion and analysis methods through applications in Washington D.C., New York City, and Seattle metropolitan areas. Dr. Shanjiang Zhu from Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering Department, George Mason University, will lead the research efforts on transit and non-motorized trip frequency models, and three case studies through his close collaborations with regional partners, including Virginia DOT, DC DOT, and Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.