Advisory Board

The Industry Advisory Board provides guidance and strategic direction for TransInfo, as well as enhanced opportunities for industry interactions and placement for students. 

The Board includes representatives from New York, Virginia, and other states.

Alberto M. Figueroa Medina

Alberto M. Figueroa Medina, PhD, PE

President and General Manager
Puerto Rico Metropolitan Bus Authority

Jose Gomez

Jose P. Gomez, PhD, PE

Director of the Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research

Juan Rivera

Juan C. Rivera

Traffic Engineer, Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority

Joah Sapphire

Joah Sapphire

President, Global Dynamic Group, LLC

Christopher Scofield

Christopher Scofield, PhD

Principal Scientist at Inrix

Todd B. Westhuis

Todd B. Westhuis, PE

Director (Acting), Office of Traffic Safety and Mobility, NYSDOT Operations Division