Factors affecting perceived and observed aggressive driving behavior: An empirical analysis of driver fatigue and distracted driving

Photo of aggressive driving behavior.

Aggressive driving behavior has been one of the main concerns in transportation safety literature in recent years because of its high correlation with crash occurrence.

With technological gadgets and social media usage gaining significant popularity among the drivers, aggressive and distracted driving behavior is now more likely than ever to result in severe accidents. On the basis that the factors affecting the perceived and observed aggressive driving behavior are likely to differ, the identification of aggressive driving behavior is further complicated when driving distractions occur. To that end, this research project investigates the influential factors of observed and perceived aggressive driving behavior under driver fatigue, and under normal and distracted driving conditions. Using advanced statistical modeling, significant driver-, environment- or trip-specific factors that have the potential to affect aggressive and distracted driving behavior, will be identified. The research outcomes of the project can be leveraged for the development of new educational tools, road safety programs and autonomous and connected vehicles algorithmic modules, which will be focused on the identification of aggressive or distracted behavioral patterns and the reduction of aggressive driving behavior incidents.