Effectiveness of Various Public Private Partnership Pavement Rehab Treatments

Pavement Rehabilitation via P3.

Pavement Rehabilitation can be achieved via Public-Private Partnerships. 

Using big data informatics methods, the intent of this study is to first conduct a detailed, multivariate statistical assessment of pavement treatments by PPP type, by studying their performance in terms of extending pavement lives. Also, the elapsed time until the pavement crosses a threshold that is considered critical will be investigated, using hazard-based duration statistical modeling. The findings aim to improve the process by which pavement rehabilitation treatments are planned and implemented at both the project and network levels. To that end, an excel-based application that predicts the pavement’s performance over time, and forecasts the pavement life by treatment type and PPP type, will be developed. The application will be designed to facilitate decision making under big data conditions, in terms of evaluating pavement-treatments’ effectiveness by PPP type, in order to allow the selection of PPP pavement rehabilitation treatment options that will last the longest given funding limitations.

Image credit: muratart / Shutterstock.com