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2017 CUTC
2017 CUTC Meeting

The Transportation Informatics Tier I University Transportation Center (TransInfo) is excited to host the 2017 Annual Summer Meeting of the Council of the University Transportation Centers (CUTC)!

The CUTC Summer Meeting attracts the nation’s leading transportation professionals from the academia and industry along with U.S. DOT and other transportation agency officials. The meeting serves as a venue to exchange information and enhance collaboration between university transportation centers, and between centers, the US Department of Transportation, and other government agencies.

The three-day event will feature distinguished speakers including keynote addresses, presentations, panels and guided discussions covering a broad range of topics related to transportation. A portion of the program is managed by the UTC Program Staff from the U.S. DOT Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology. The remainder of the program is managed by the CUTC’s Executive Committee in collaboration with TransInfo.

The conference will also provide the opportunity to those participating to experience different components of the Buffalo-Niagara region. Meeting space and hotel accommodations are all contained at the HarborCenter Buffalo Complex, a brand new lake front venue. Opened in August 2015, HarborCenter sits at the edge of the Erie Canal Harbor which, for much of the 19th century, was an industrious port that bustled with people and goods from all over the world as part of the Erie Canal Corridor. The Erie Canal is recognized by  the United States Congress as the most successful and influential human-built waterway and one of the most important works of civil engineering in North America. HarborCenter borders Buffalo’s Naval & Military Park and Canalside, Buffalo’s waterfront entertainment destination hosting over 1000 events annually; and is within walking distance of numerous shops, restaurants and the Pierce Arrow Transportation Museum. The metro stops immediately in front of HarborCenter and can transport meeting attendees to all the city has to offer.

Optional Tours will highlight transportation innovations assets in the region as well as at the University of Buffalo such as a visit at the Rainbow Bridge and technology discussions as it relates to border crossings, freight, safety, and mobility; historical Tour of the Niagara Falls and their relationship to transportation in the area.