Certified Production Technician

This course is available for open enrollment.

This course provides core knowledge and skills required for frontline manufacturing jobs. Curriculum, provided by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), covers: safety, quality practices & measurement, manufacturing processes & production, and maintenance awareness. Full certification requires passing four assessments.


Hours vary according to the level of instruction desired:

  • CPT Full Track for the novice with little to no manufacturing experience: 109 hours of online education and classroom-based instruction
  • CPT Fast Track for experienced production workers seeking new skills/credentials: 70 hours of online education

Learning Outcomes

  • Manufacturing knowledge and skills through four core areas:
    • Safety
    • Quality practices and measurement
    • Manufacturing processes and production
    • Maintenance awareness

Intended Audience

Current production workers or individuals aspiring to enter manufacturing in a production role


  • Basic computer literacy
  • 9th-grade math and 10th-grade reading levels are highly recommended
  • English as a first language is highly recommended