Children from UB Child Care visit the Solar Strand.

Educational Resources

The 3,200-panel Solar Strand is a work of public art and represents a unique partnership with the New York Power Authority and UB.

With the Solar Strand, UB and NYPA are making a long-range investment in creating a climate for excellence—a sustainable, innovative environment that supports our students, faculty and staff and increases our positive impact on the communities we serve, from local to global.

We welcome and encourage local educators to bring their students to the Solar Strand to experience the site and learn about the topic of solar energy.  The Solar Strand offers students an opportunity to investigate, record and communicate their discoveries.  

Students may use the below links to investigate non-renewable and renewable resources, explore the concept of what solar energy is, and develop an understanding of how solar energy is produced.

Resources for educators and students

Plan a visit

UB’s Solar Strand is free to visit, and open to the public 365 days a year.  A visit to the Solar Strand provides students with an opportunity to gain basic skills and knowledge for many topics, and learn about the environment. The “Go Green” fad makes learning about alternative energy relevant for students and teaches them responsibility, respect, and solutions for environmental issues.

Reservations are not required for individual visits.  However, in an effort to avoid potential conflicts, organized groups (scouts, schools, hiking clubs, etc.) must schedule visits.