Faculty Q&A

Each month in UB Sustainability News, UB faculty are interviewed.  These interviews provide a glimpse into the professional, and sometimes personal, lives of professors and researchers, and reveal how their work supports UB's sustainability initiatives.

Martha Bohm, assistant professor of architecture

Alan Rabideau, professor of civil, structural and env. engineering

Kim Diana Connolly, professor of law

Ken Shockley, associate professor of philosophy

Jared Aldstadt, associate professor of geography

Rob Silverman, associate professor of urban and regional planning

Joyce Hwang, associate professor of architecture

Stephanie Rothenberg, associate professor of art

John Atkinson, assistant professor, environmental engineering

Elizabeth Thomas, assistant professor, geology

Jessica Owley, associate professor of law

Chris Lowry, assistant professor of geology

Jason Briner, associate professor of geology

Mary Alice Coffroth, professor of geology

Sam Magavern, adjunct instructor of law

Paul Vanouse, professor of art

Millie Chen, associate dean in the college of arts and sciences

Lina Mu, associate professor of epidemiology and environmental health

Sue Tannehill, adjunct instructor of English                                     

Gwen Appelbaum, assistant dean and director of career resource center, school of management

Jim Jensen, prof. of civil, structural and env. eng.

Trina Hamilton, associate professor of geography

Bart Roberts, research assistant professor, UB Regional Institute

Chris Renschler, associate professor of geography

Sara Metcalf, associate professor of geography

Alexa Dimick, assistant professor, learning and instruction

Sandy Geffner, adjunct professor env. studies

Sara Behdad, assistant professor, industrial and systems engineering

Ralph Critelli, adjunct instructor, environmental studies