UB Sustainability Summer Camp 2020: Virtual Adventures

Adventure Awaits!

Adventurers! UB Sustainability needs your help this summer. Each Monday from July 13th to August 17th, you will receive a mission that will help save the planet by getting you outside and having fun. On the Friday of that week at 1:30pm, our amazing Allison will bring the campers together to talk about what happened on their adventures. You'll get a chance to explain your project and talk about anything exciting that might have happened. Each project needs a little bit of adult guidance, but were designed in a way to be affordable and fun. The camp itself is free, the only cost to the participants would be the materials for each project (see list below). 

These activities were created for students entering 3rd - 6th grade. You do not need to commit to all six sessions and can jump in on any that you find exciting!

Zoom Call Procedure

Students will participate in a zoom call with Allison and each other to discuss what happened with their adventures and go over key points from the lesson.  This is meant to be a communicative platform for students to connect with one another over science and nature.  Parents are welcomed to join in these calls, but their presence is not required.

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Solar Superhero.
Weekly Missions
  • Backyard Adventures
  • Testing Air Quality 
  • Cooking with Solar 
  • Building your own Windmill
  • Landfills (yuck!)
  • Create a Biodome
Wind superhero.

Students will:

  • Learn the science behind some of the pressing environmental concerns of our time
  • Build skills in critical thinking and giving a presentation
  • Engage with young people all over WNY
  • Meet experts in the sustainability field

Your Exciting Weekly Adventures:

Week 1: Backyard Adventure

There is more to nature than what meets the eye!  This week we will be exploring our own backyards to discover all of the hidden elements that make it function.  We will learn as the naturalists do, and record local biodiversity through observation and using our senses.  Be ready to get dirty, because we will be searching through our dirt to find what lies beneath as well! 


Week 2: Air Quality

Become an air quality detective and get a first-hand look at air pollution in your area.  It’s important to understand the effects of air pollution, as dirty air and particles in the air can create breathing problems or worsen already existing ones.  By using petroleum jelly, you will be able to capture these dirty particles and examine exactly what’s in the air around you.


Week 3:  Solar Cooking

Let’s get (solar) cookin’!  This week you’ll become a master outdoor chef and create your own solar oven.  The sun holds so much power that goes unused every day, with this adventure you will be able to harness that power from the sun and create the perfect S’more.


Week 4: Windmills

For this week’s adventure, you will be inventing your own windmills and measuring mechanical energy!  Wind power has been used as a source of energy for centuries and is constantly being developed for future uses.  This adventure will allow you to test different materials and designs to make the perfect windmill.


Week 5: Landfills

What happens to the food we throw away?  In this week’s adventure, you will get a first-hand look at the effects of food waste in a landfill.  We will experiment with our own food scraps to see the amount of gas released from each type and learn the importance of composting!


Week 6: Biodome

Have you ever wanted to create your own world?  This week you will be able to do just that, and create your own ecosystem in a bottle!  We will learn about how all living beings are connected in an ecosystem and demonstrate a self-sustaining system.

solar panel.