World's Challenge Challenge

WCC Flyer.

Think big. Think broad. Think collaboratively.

The World's Challenge Challenge calls on students to solve some of the problems facing the world. In teams of three, students from diverse backgrounds will choose one idea and relate it to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the global community. It is an engaging opportunity for students to gain real-world experience through social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Plus you can win cash!

ub takes the bronze.

Protein Responsibly takes the bronze at the Global Final

The competition starts each fall with a deadline at the end of December. The WCC Committee will evaluate each submission and choose the top teams to compete by January. These teams will have opportunities to hone their pitches through venture coaching and presentation delivery workshops. The UB WCC Competition kicks off Sustainability Month each year. The tentative date this year is Thursday, April 2nd. 

     UB WCC Prizes:

  • First Place $3,000
  • Second Place $2,000
  • Third Place $1,000

The winner of UB's World's Challenge Challenge will go on to represent the United States at the Global Final competition held at Western University in London Ontario. This is a week-long training with teams from all over the world, and culminates in the final competition. All travel and expenses will be paid for, but a valid passport and documentation are necessary to compete. The Global Final is typically the first week of June. All three team members must be able to attend for the entire week. If that is not possible, the second place team will be asked to participate. 

     Global WCC Final Prizes:

  • First Place $30,000 (Canadian Dollars)
  • Second Place $15,000 (Canadian Dollars)
  • Third Place $7,500 (Canadian Dollars)

RSVP October 24th Networking/Info-Session

Join us for an informational and team formation session on October 24th from 4-5 pm in room 330 Student Union. Attendance isn't mandatory in order to participate, but it is strongly encouraged and will give you a leg up on the competition! 


Prepping teams.
  • Full-time and part-time students completing an undergraduate degree program, Masters or PhD, who are registered at participating partner universities may compete in the World's Challenge Challenge
  • Teams must be composed of two to four students, preferably from at least two different disciplines. Applications from teams with more or less participants will not be accepted. All three students must present at the competitions.
  • Only students from the same institution will be accepted on a team. Cross-institutional representation is not allowed.
  • Teams may not include non-student participants.
  • If your team contains international students, you must ensure that, in the possibility of winning the UB competition, they legally travel to Canada. 

Each team will have 5 to 7 minutes to talk about the World’s Challenge you wish to address, using a PowerPoint presentation for visual support. Your presentation should reflect the concepts and principles being discussed through visuals and a limited amount of text. Video and other multimedia files and links are allowed, within the given time allotted. Please include all references you used for your presentation in the final slide. You do not need to present these.

Submit your Application

Once you have your team and your idea, the UB planning team requires you to submit a video that is no longer than two minutes. This should be of one or more of your team members explaining the gist of your presentation. Once that is ready, please attach it to the form below though a link to a YouTube video or a file on UB Box (google drive not preferred), with all the necessary information and appropriate title, and then tweet it at us to @UBGreen and @LaunchPad_UB with the hashtag #UBWCC for the world to see.

The planning team will then choose the top teams to go forth and compete at the UB World's Challenge Challenge. There will be opportunities for student teams to attend trainings to hone their presentation skills in preparation for the local competition.

You can book the Video Recording Rooms in the Silverman Library through the online reservation system: