Building a Sustainable WNY


Jack and Barbara Davis Hall is just one of our LEED Gold Certified buildings. 

We make our best practices available to our colleagues in higher education and others to communicate what works well in sustainability. After all, we are all working toward the goal of a sustainable tomorrow.

Side by Side in the Community

Our vision for sustainability extends beyond our campus borders. We bring our sustainability solutions and thinking to partners in our own region, state, nation and globe and particularly those in need.

Our students and researchers turn their microscopes and pens towards the community, working in places like Hickory Woods and the West Side of Buffalo to assist communities struggling with legacies of toxic pollution, or those that are looking to create a more sustainable tomorrow.

Western New York Environmental Alliance

UB supports the alliance’s work and lends the research and educational expertise of its faculty and staff to the organization. The WNY Environmental Alliance boosts collaboration among more than 90 organizations working on environmental issues throughout Buffalo Niagara, and works to advocate for the region’s environmental agenda.

One Region Forward

One Region Forward is a broad-based, collaborative effort to promote more sustainable forms of development in Erie and Niagara counties – the Buffalo Niagara Region – in land use, transportation, housing, energy and climate, access to food, and more. It will combine research and public engagement with planning and action to help us meet the combined economic, environmental, and social challenges of the 21st century.

Western New York Sustainable Business Roundtable

The Western New York Sustainable Business Roundtable is a “business-driven” organization that relies on its member businesses to drive its mission and organize its events. Members are businesses that have employees in the Western New York region and have signed a pledge to create and implement a sustainability plan.

A Growing Partnership

In 2010, UB Campus Dining & Shops acquired a food waste decomposer and began sharing compost and soil amendment with individuals and groups both on campus and in the community, including the Massachusetts Avenue Project and Grassroots Gardens WNY.

Building Knowledge

UB is home to the first LEED certified green building in Western New York, as well as a 3,200 panel solar array.

In addition to this sustainable physical infrastructure, UB is focused on greening the natural environment through tree plantings and community clean-ups, and infusing issues of sustainability into the fabric of our community.

UB is a driving force for implementing sustainable practices and engaging the community in our efforts.

To share our green building practices with architects, engineers, designers, and peers in Higher Education, we developed the UB High Performance Building Guidelines to serve as a checklist of best practices when building green.

Working with K-12 Students

Our staff of student assistants are equipped to come into classrooms and teach lessons that focus primarily on clean energy. The goals are to: 

1) Encourage students to pursue all fields encompassing sustainability

2) Provide fun hands-on learning about renewable energy and sustainable designs 

3) Showcase sustainable technology through educational activities

4) Build up the next generation of sustainable problem-solvers through educational renewable activities 

kids at solar strand.

We Know the Sun

UB has installed more than 800 kWh of solar power on campus in the past decade and we know how to marry the process of installation with art, education, research and engagement.

Expanding solar power usage in our community means jobs and real-world applications for the scholarship of our faculty and students.