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Students in the Dominican Republic

Some UB students will be bucking the stereotype by helping others during their upcoming spring recess.

Buffalo Cafe

Two UB architects are prompting us to rethink how we heat — and use — the space we occupy in winter.


Eight communities across the country will receive training and assistance to link family farmers and local residents who lack access to healthy food, thanks to a project spearheaded by UB and partners.


Levine, a longtime UB faculty member, died of cancer Feb. 26 in her Buffalo home.


UB researchers turn to Newton's Laws of Motion to predict chimp behavior.

Man in snowstorm

UB psychologist Mark Seery says enduring negative events like this winter's brutal weather fosters adaptability and resilience.


UB psychologists say the match between quality of early family experiences and self-esteem contributes to how clearly and confidently people view themselves and their place in the world.

Grow House

UB students and faculty have started construction on the GRoW Home, a 1,108-square-foot, solar-powered house that produces twice the energy it consumes.

Broken Iphone

A UB professor, Sara Behdad, and industry partner, PC Rebuilders and Recyclers, received a $280,000 National Science Foundation grant to examine issues which contribute to e-waste. 

UB Student

The Princeton Review has rated the University at Buffalo as one of the nation’s best colleges and universities for high-quality degree programs, affordability and career prospects.

Solar City Buffalo project

A group of Buffalo Public Schools students are responsible for the award-winning idea that claimed a regional prize as the “Most Inspiring Essay” in the 2014 Future City Competition.

Members of the Geology Department on Groundhog Day

Harsh winter weather couldn’t stop UB geologists from holding their annual Groundhog Day cookout.


“Innovation Nation,” a new CBS show, came to campus to interview Professor James Jensen and his students, including Deshawn Henry, about their water lens project.

Community Congress

Celebrate the work of thousands of citizens and hundreds of organizations to create a more sustainable Buffalo Niagara at One Region Forward’s Community Congress.

Students painting a mural

Inspired by the School of Architecture and Planning’s close engagement with the city of Buffalo, students from UB’s Alpha Rho Chi architecture fraternity created a mural of the city in Crosby Hall.

Solar Strand

UB's Solar Strand is featured on the Wall Street Journal’s list of “Best Architecture of 2014.”

Engineering students in Slee Hall with handmade wind turbines

More than 450 freshman engineering students presented their wind energy projects as part of the final awards ceremony for the "Engineering Principles" class.

solar strand pic

UB was named among the 50 most “green” universities in the United States by Online Schools Center, a website that features higher education news.

Solar Strand

UB has been recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools as one of the 2014 “Best of Green Schools.”


A new study led by geophysicist Beata Csatho, UB associate professor of geology, provides what the authors think is the first comprehensive picture of how Greenland’s ice is vanishing.


Five UB Honors College students worked with UB Sustainability to help the Western New York Environmental Alliance and its roughly 100 member groups become a more inclusive organization.

students planting trees

Volunteers spent the day planting 180 trees in areas around the South Campus with little or no tree coverage as part of “ReTree the District,” an initiative to add more than 1,000 trees to the urban tree canopy over the next two years.


The Growing Food Connections Policy Database, hosted by the School of Architecture and Planning, assists local governments as they work to broaden access to healthy food and help sustain local farms and food producers.

Student Volunteers

The new Zero Waste program is a partnership between UB Athletics, Campus Dining & Shops, University Facilities and UB Sustainability that aims to eliminate garbage at the stadium.


Teri Rueb, a professor in the UB Department of Media Study, contributes to creating “Other Order”, a sound walk through the Bussey Brook Meadow at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University.

IEW 2012 Tango Dance

UB’s annual celebration of International Education Week (IEW) Nov. 10-14 will focus this year on the topic of sustainability, with the keynote speakers and other events bringing a global context to the subject.

Students, Day of Caring

Not all UB students who live in the University District are troublemakers; a large number of students are engaged in projects that are continually improving the neighborhood.

Offshore wind energy is one of the topics of research being funded by RENEW.

Four research projects have received funding under RENEW, UB’s new interdisciplinary environmental research initiative.


Alanna Olear is one of many students taking advantage of UB’s undergraduate research opportunities. She is studying which alternative leaves a smaller environmental footprint throughout the life of the product. 


Buffalo is nestled in a region loaded with farms and orchards, yet a deacde ago the city housed many neighborhoods where fresh fruits, meats and vegetables were in short supply. Now, Buffalo has become a leader in urban agriculture.


Children enrolled in the UB Child Care Center, a state-licensed and nationally accredited center serving the children of UB students, faculty and staff, are able to experience its enriching curriculum.


Charger-toting smartphone users have reason to rejoice because three UB research groups have received $1.3 million in combined funding to improve energy management in smartphones.

People's Climate March

The People's Climate March was held on September 21st to raise awareness of the urgent need to combat global climate change. UB students were among the nearly 400,000 people who participated in the march.

Park(ing) day

A parking place in the Diefendorf lot on the South Campus was transformed into a mini-park to promote alternative means of transportation as UB’s contribution to Park(ing) Day Buffalo.


The university has installed a boat launch between The Commons and the Center for the Arts. The launch is part of an effort to further engage the UB community, especially students, in nearby natural resources.


The UB community gets an A+ for generosity, donating more than 24,000 items in this year’s school supply drive sponsored by the Office of Community Relations. In all, 24,469 items were collected, making this year’s drive the most successful one yet.


Where can you learn how to be more “green” at work and home, see rescued birds, enjoy free samples of sustainable products and even donate items to Goodwill? The answer, of course, is the sixth annual UB Sustainable Living Fair.


The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus collaborates with National Grid to create a model of progressive approaches to energy use for the future.

Ariane Tardit (left) and Connor Zink examine water from Lake LaSalle. Photo: Erin Moscati

Children attending the UB Child Care Center’s summer camp last week learned about the importance of water to everyday life as part of an annual summer program presented by the Office of Sustainability.


UB undergraduate Deshawn Henry has developed an easy, inexpensive way to disinfect contaminated water, work that could have a tremendous impact in developing countries.


Research could lead to regulatory guidelines for environmental chemicals that disrupt ability to send ‘time-of-day’ messages.


A researcher at RENEW, Aga spoke about how antibiotics move through ecosystems and how to detect them.


The purpose of the National Grid/UB Engineering Leadership Camp is to stimulate student interest and to encourage curiosity.

Matthieu Bain (left) and Andrew Perkins in Spencer’s Art House, Flint, Mich. Photo: Ryan Garza

By restoring abandoned buildings with found materials, Andrew Perkins is battling a culture of rampant consumerism and reckless waste—and creating some pretty cool spaces in the process.

Rosie, spider

A protein UB scientists found in the venom of a South American spider could finally answer the need for an effective muscular dystrophy treatment - and save a young boy's life.


The colleges in this collection do a great job of teaching their students sustainable practices, working in their communities, and spreading information. These institutions deserve credit and encouragement.

William Philipps conducts research on deglaciation and global climate change in Greenland while an undergraduate student working under Jason Briner, associate professor of geology.

William Phillipps, UB geology graduate student, will travel to Norway to collect data that proves the Svalbard-Barents Sea Ice-Sheet’s (SBSIS) the point when the ice began to melt is older than its suggested age.

Algae on the shore of Great Lakes beaches

According to UB researchers, green algae in the Great Lakes not only protect bacteria from destruction by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but feed the organisms as well.

Buffalo cityscape

UB's Prosperity Scholarship program welcomes its newest class of young, promising scholars, the biggest selection of students in the scholarship’s history and claiming many of Western New York’s best and brightest students as its own.

Aerial image of Tonawanda and Grand Island  area

UB researchers prepare to conduct major study to analyze affect of Tonawanda Coke plant emissions on health of area residents and employees.

Penny with microbeads on it

Illinois environmentalists expecting a battle with business over a call for a ban on microbeads, which show up inside fish that are caught for human consumption, found the industry quickly collaborated. 

Agricultural workers spray pesticide to a cotton field in Egypt.

UB faculty members James Olson and Matthew Bonner have partnered with teams in Egypt to research and reduce the adverse effects of pesticides used in cotton farming.

A beady glare from BB, UB’s female peregrine until 2013. Photo: Kenneth Nusstein, UB Facilities

Generations of peregrine falcons have become UB’s feathered friends.

A gentleman waiting for the arriving metro

UB faculty member Daniel B. Hess researched a pilot program that offered Metro Rail use to some UB students, faculty and staff.

Fred Stoss has been a dedicated environmental researcher and advocate since his student days.

Environmentalist Frederick Stoss, UB associate librarian and subject specialist, received the first Friend of the Biblioteca Nacional Aruba (BNA, National Library of Aruba) Award.

Students use a blow torch and cotton swabs to collect bacteria samples from a paper-towel dispenser.

Don’t touch that paper towel. High-speed hand dryers are cleaner, more environmentally friendly and save a bundle over time.


The Congress for New Urbanism’s national conference is in Buffalo this week, and UB’s School of Architecture and Planning are among those leading the conversation.


Two UB architecture faculty members have won internationally prominent lifetime achievement awards for their “significant and lasting” contributions to environmental design research, practice and teaching.

shibley at strand

Robert G. Shibley, dean of the School of Architecture and Planning, is being recognized by the American Institute of Architects New York State (AIANYS) for his design influence on public architecture across the state.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has cited UB as a national best practice for its community outreach efforts in neighborhoods around the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC).

The Architectural League’s 32nd annual Emerging Voices Award brings a focus to creative practices that will influence the future direction of architecture.


RENEW (Research and Education in eNergy, Environment and Water) promises to tackle the most difficult and pressing issues that society faces in trying to create a more sustainable world.

Yankee and Dixie have returned to the nesting box at the top of MacKay Heating Plant.
One of UB’s popular spring rituals — falcon-watching — is in full swing with the return of peregrine falcons Dixie and Yankee to their South Campus nesting box.
Members of the UB team are, from left, Noor Jariri, Nate Sutorious, Pat O'Byrne, Matt Egan, Dave Stedman, Anthony Marchesiello, Peter Casey and Nick Lanzano
The challenge: reduce a snowmobile’s emissions and noise while maintaining or improving its performance.
UB Sustainability Dashboard

A partnership between UB’s divisions of Finance and Administration, and University Life and Services, the Sustainability dashboard tracks real-time electricity use on the North and South campuses.

houses in the Buffalo Community
No More Toxic Housing: Creative Legal, Policy, and Grassroots Solutions for Buffalo and Beyond
UB South Campus Quad

After a successful debut last year, UB is again offering its bicycle-sharing program to faculty, staff and students.


Developing a website can be time-consuming and costly. Fortunately, for the Western New York Sustainable Business Roundtable, it was neither.

Arctic Diary

Professor Jason Briner brings students to Greenland, Alaska or Baffin Island about twice a year to ply the land for clues about the history of climate change.

OFW Community Development Coordinator Matthew Fisher welcomes UB Students Nate Aldrich, Matthew Shofett, Tyler Kuss, and Dr. Hiro Hata of the UB School of Architecture as they present plans for the area.
SOUTH BUFFALO - The Old First Ward Community Center’s monthly community meeting was held at the Larkin Building on Exchange Street on Feb 18 for a special presentation. 
Students at the UB Campus Garden

Barack Obama’s done it. So has Mitt Romney. And Chris Christie.

Now, the UB community can “slow jam the news.”

Downtown Buffalo
This spring, concerned regional citizens can gain practical skills to mobilize their ideas into community action by enrolling in the Citizen Planning School, a free resource being offered by the School of Architecture and Planning.
Sam Magavern

Sam Magavern brings people together. As co-director of Partnership for the Public Good (PPG), he works to bring people with energy and good ideas to bear on the challenges facing the city of Buffalo.

Bat Tower in Griffis Sculpture Park is one of many projects by Joyce Hwang that provide habitat for bats and other misunderstood creatures

Joyce Hwang, associate professor of architecture, has received a 2014 Emerging Voices award from the Architectural League of New York.

Students plant trees at the Solar Strand on the North Campus.
“Opportunity” is the word Joshua Beres uses to describe UB’s Sustainability Academy.
annie better

Millions of people have seen her animated Web videos. She wrote a best-selling book and she has testified before Congress. She has even appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show.

UB faculty member Robert Silverman
When you think of the Rust Belt, glossy neighborhoods with rocketing rents may not be the first images that jump to mind.
Louisiana wetlands group
The trouble began before they received the first of many complimentary snack bags.
The Garden Box has room for the home gardener to grow vegetables in any weather. Image: School of Architecture and Planning
Students and professors in architecture, engineering and management will design, build and promote GRoW House — a 1,400-square-foot, solar-powered home — as finalists in the national Solar Decathlon competition.
Alan Rabideau, an environmental engineering professor with a track record of interdisciplinary research, will serve as the first Research and Economic Development Leadership Fellow.

Alan Rabideau, a UB environmental engineering professor with a track record of interdisciplinary research, will serve as UB's first Research and Economic Development Leadership Fellow.

Dr. Briner researching at Baffin Island in Canada

UB has announced the launch of RENEW (Research and Education in eNergy, Environment and Water), an interdisciplinary research institute that will focus on difficult and complex environmental issues.

Samina Raja

Samina Raja, a UB food systems researcher, has won the 2014 William R. and June Dale Prize for Excellence in Urban and Regional Planning.

Students in Entrepreneur course

Twelve classmates have joined the ranks of UB’s first entrepreneurial boot camp for students, and up to five of them have a chance to win $8,000 in seed funding when they complete it.

A volunteer outfitted with motion sensors navigates a full-scale replica of a public bus.

A temporary building on the South Campus houses a humble-looking contraption that could serve as a spark for improving public transit everywhere: a full-scale replica of a 40-foot public bus.

This electric car-charging station outside Bonner Hall on the North Campus is part of UB's effort to reduce its environmental footprint.
In a good month, Alan Rabideau doesn’t stop at the gas station.
Water treatment plant

Only about half of the prescription drugs and other newly emerging contaminants in sewage are removed by treatment plants says a new report.

Greiner Hall

 The University at Buffalo won two awards from BUILDINGS magazine’s eighth-annual America’s Best Buildings of the Year (ABBY), a contest for commercial and institutional facilities.

Clam fossils
Think Greenland’s ice sheet is small today?
Phillip Tucciarone
Phillip Tucciarone, a UB chemical and biological engineering student, has won a Marshall Scholarship, one of the most prestigious scholarships awarded annually to U.S. college students. 
Clean Air Rally
 When cleaning up polluted land, water and air, the conventional approach is to focus solely on scientific and engineering solutions.
Robert Mark Silverman and Li Yin

Two UB Professors have been awarded a $125,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Sustainable Communities program.

Dr. Jason Briner studies glacial and sediment cores during his Arctic adventures.

Jason Briner knew it was dangerous to camp on the coast of Baffin Island, one of Canada’s most northern points, during the summer. Yet that’s exactly what he was doing eight years ago.

Main Street near UB's South Campus. As part of a five-year project in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, UB researchers are studying ways of making buses safer and more accessible for all riders, including through the use of vehicle ramps, interior design, and sidewalk and crosswalk improvements.

Carnegie Mellon University and UB are collaborating to advance physical access and public transportation for people with disabilities.

Romano's and Bruscia's sculptural wall rises in Buffalo, among Silo City's colossal grain elevators. Project 2Xmt is made from 152 pieces of super-thin, textured steel.

A sculptural wall located at Buffalo's Silo City and designed by architecture faculty members is a finalist in an international competition in computational design.

Students in Peru

UB undergraduate students will travel to northern Peru next summer to conduct rigorous interdisciplinary research into the biological and chemical properties of indigenous medicinal plants.

Stingray swimming

Stingrays move through water with such ease that researchers from UB and Harvard University are studying how their movements could be used to build more maneuverable unmanned underwater vehicles.


Sandy Geffner (left) and Nick Peterson explore the flora of Letchworth Woods on UB’s North Campus.

On a clear September morning, Sandy Geffner, environmental studies faculty member, and Nick Peterson, Geffner’s student and a UB staff member, treaded through Letchworth Woods on the North Campus.

Hovannes Kulhandjian and Zahed Hossain dropped two, 40-pound sensors into Lake Erie and then typed a command into a laptop.

UB researchers are developing a deep-sea Internet. The technological breakthrough could lead to improvements in tsunami detection, pollution monitoring and other activities.

While stony corals are present in this photo of a reef community at St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, much of the three-dimensional structure is created by the softer, flexible, tree-like gorgonian corals. Photo: Howard Lasker
As Earth’s temperature climbs, the stony corals that form the backbone of ocean reefs are in decline.
Burchfield Penney Art Center

The façade of the Burchfield Penney Art Center has been transformed into a permanent, constantly changing new media gallery, thanks to a collaboration between SUNY Buffalo State and the UB Department of Architecture.