UB Bees

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UB Bees strives to educate the UB and WNY community about honey bees and beekeeping through lectures, workshops, and hands-on experience. We hope to increase knowledge and decrease fear of bees through our work with students, faculty, staff, and community members.


Curiosity- curiosity is the root of all science. We go into beekeeping full of questions, and when those are answered, we come up with more. The best way to learn is with an open mind.

Sustainability- every project should operate through the lens of environmentalism. Our project should leave the earth better than it was when we started, not worse.

Rules for Visiting the Hives


Proceed with caution: UB Bees are present & busy pollinating to ensure a healthy environment & food supply!

Please Bee-aware:

·         UB Bees are not naturally aggressive, but do not like to be disturbed at work

·         To bee-kind and stay safe:

-          Bee calm and avoid swatting or sudden movements

-          Keep pets out of hive area

-          Avoid touching hives, UB Bees allows us to observe them only

Want to learn more?

Twitter: @UBeesB

Instagram: ubees_buffalo