Lake LaSalle

Proposed restoration site.

The restoration site at Lake LaSalle.

North Shore Restoration Initiatives

The North Shore of Lake LaSalle is currently a non-vegetated section of shoreline.  Erosion has left steep slopes, exposed soil, and undercut shorelines.  Beginning in late April of 2018 a restoration plan to improve the riparian habitat will begin.  The design, developed by Molly Dreyer, a 2017 UB environmental engineering graduate, will rely on native vegetation to stabilize the shoreline and provide habitat for local wildlife.  The site will also offer educational opportunities for the campus community.  

Recreational Use


Lake LaSalle's boat launch is a great way for the UB community to enjoy the beauty of Lake LaSalle in a new way.

Rules of enjoyment

1. Boating hours are from dawn to dusk.

2. Only water crafts with no motors may be used on the lake.

3. All boaters must adhere to NYS Boating Regulations.

4. Lake usage is at your own risk. When boating you must be 17 years of age or older or accompained by an adult.

5. It is advised that all boaters enter and exit the lake at the boat dock.

6. All boaters must wear US Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket which must be properly worn and secured on the water.

7. Each boating party must carry a cell phone in a plastic bag for emergencies.

8. Do not disturb any wildlife.

9. No littering. Violators are subject to a maximium fine of $250.

10. No alcoholic beverages.

11. No swimming or wading.

12. Rules subject to police enforcement.

13. Organized events must be approved by Campus Life 716-645-2055

The boat launch on the edge of Lake LaSalle at dusk.