Eco Reps

Students Reaching Students

campus garden.

Get involved with peer-to-peer education and outreach.  Help create a culture of sustainability and transform the UB student experience.

Choose to participant in any one of four unique opportunities and make a lasting difference.

Experience I

Eco Leaders

An immersive course experience which uses campus as a living lab.  Students will earn three credits while learning how to develop and implement educational programming to their peers.

Students participating in this course will receive an introduction to a variety of topics associated with creating a sustainable culture on campus.  In this course, students will be responsible for developing and implementing educational programs to student peers.  This will be a valuable practical experience for those interested in pursuing a professional career focused on delivering sustainable education programming.  

Experience II

Campus Living Eco Reps

Working in conjunction with Campus Living staff, students will work to create positive change and implement sustainable transformations in the residence halls and on-campus apartments.  Students will partner with student clubs and recruit fellow residents to partake in campus sustainability events.  Students will have the opportunity to identify ways to infuse sustainability into campus living, while developing and implementing solutions everyday.  

Interested students are required to commit between 3 and 5 hours per week to participating in, and developing programming.

Experience III

Zero Waste Campus

Rethink consumption and disposal, while helping to transform UB-sponsored events.  Students will work alongside UB Sustainability, Facilities, Athletics and Campus Dining and Shops to ensure materials consumed and sold can be reused, composted or recycled.  

Interested students may participate as a team member or team leader.  Team leader positions are 3 credit internships open to UB students.  Internships require 120 hours of strategic, practical and evaluative work.  Team leaders work closely with UB Sustainability to manage and implement on-the-ground programming to transform events.  Team member positions are less formal and only require a commitment of a few hours.  After participating in a brief orientation training session, team members will be ready to volunteer for events under the supervision of team leaders.  Participating as a Zero Waste team member is a quick and easy way to fulfill service requirements and volunteer on campus.  

Experience IV

Campus Dining and Shops Sustainability Advocate

Educate fellow students on the importance of recycling, composting, waste reduction, energy and water conservation, local food options and reduced impact choices.

This is a highly competitive position open only to UB students. Submission of a cover letter and resume are required.  Qualified applicants will then be contacted for an in-person interview.