Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interesting in volunteering, whether it be to earn community service hours, build your resume, or otherwise? UB Sustainability has a number of opportunities for you to get involved in our campus’s sustainability initiatives. 

If you would like to volunteer or learn more about our opportunities, contact the UB Sustainability team by calling us at 716-829-3535 or sending us a message here.

Tree Planting.

If you like research and record keeping…

  • Contribute to an inventory of the locations and quality of waste bins and hydration stations across the UB campuses. This will help us improve recycling rates and accelerate the abandonment of single use bottles.
  • Contribute to an inventory of the locations and types of sewer drains across the UB campuses, so we can protect our waterways from litter and contaminants.
  • Investigate and catalogue UB dining facilities’ sustainable dining options, so that we can recommend environmentally-conscious changes.

If you are a leader or aspiring leader…

  • Be a zero waste ambassador by teaching attendees at zero waste games and other events how to properly sort their waste.
  • Be a zero waste advocate by serving as a designated, go-to zero waste person for a particular building on campus.

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty…

  • Participate in waste audits at UB dining facilities, where we measure the amount of waste sent to landfill, recycling, and compost while educating campus members on waste reduction and diversion.
  • Participate in UB ReUSE, our used goods sale, by collecting items from the Ellicott Complex in the spring, inventorying and pricing items over the summer, and/or assisting at the sale in the fall.
  • Attend to the campus garden.

If you want to contribute to UB’s sustainability initiatives in another way… let us know!