Our People

Sustainability brings together diverse people with interests spanning across all disciplines and studies at here at UB. There are many ways for students to capitalize on their passion to make the world more resilient. 


Change Agents

UB Sustainability is focused on providing robust and creative experiences for students in hopes that, when they graduate, they are sustainably literate individuals. As they pursue their careers, they will use that as lens to make change. 

One of our key initiatives are the Education and Leadership Fellows in Sustainability (ELFS). ELFS will have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with the UB Sustainability and have the chance to:

  • Grow your professional skill set through hands-on experience
  • Attend outdoor adventure and leadership retreat
  • Collaborate on high-impact campus initiatives
  • Have the opportunity to learn from and network with local and national leaders in sustainability 
  • Leave a positive legacy at UB and beyond 
  • Change the world & have fun doing it!

On Campus Engagement

UB Sustainability relies on many on campus resources to tackle sustainability holistically. Blackstone LaunchPad provides the resources for students to develop entrepreneur skills. The Office of Student Engagement promotes service opportunities on and off campus. The Intercultural Diversity Center holds trainings on working with people that different than yourself, and why it's important. 

Each of these brings resources in the form of training and workshops, fellowship programs, and fun programming for students. 


Student Clubs

There are many extracurricular ways that you can get involved in sustainability on campus. Clubs for students are a great way to become involved on issues that are important to the environment and allow for you to work on issues that you're truly passionate about. 


Campus Living

If you live on campus, there are ways for you to get involved. It is a great way to have an impact on UB's community and the place where you live. 


Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusiveness is pivotal in any initiatives related to sustainability. As we research new advances in clean energy, it is important to make sure everyone has a space at the table. Access to new and innovative jobs and empowering populations that have been traditionally left out of the conversation are critical to making communities more resilient. 

Diversity brings different perspectives to the discussion on sustainability. Relationships are built by sharing the personal experiences and stories that have shaped a community or upbringing. Diversity of thoughts also helps to develop innovative solutions to the issues our global world faces. Every community faces problems associated with our changing climate, but not every community will be impacted equally. 


The UB Sustainability Team

Meet the staff that is here to help you in your sustainability pursuits on and off of campus.