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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations put forth an ambitious plan- seventeen global goals with 169 targets to hit by 2030 to make our world more resilient and sustainable. As a reader of Sustainability Now, you'll notice that each one of our news stories that feature the University at Buffalo and Western New York will be highlighted with the corresponding Goals that pertain to the article. This will show UB's part in helping to attain these goals, and our commitment to make the planet a better place for everyone. 


A former congressman who is leading the movement among conservatives championing free enterprise solutions to climate change will give a talk at UB later this week as part of republicEn’s EnCourage Tour. Bob Inglis, who represented South Carolina’s 4th congressional district for 12 years in the House of Representatives, will give a talk titled “Solving climate change with courage and conservative principles” from 6-7 p.m. Thursday in the Landmark Room (210) of the Student Union, North Campus. A Q&A will follow.


Democracy demands a robust contest of ideas to thrive, and diversity is the best way of protecting the democratic foundation of the American experiment, according to a UB philosopher. Diversity inspires new thoughts and ideas while discouraging stagnation and increasing the possibilities of finding better ways to address various issues.


As the Sept. 15 launch date for NASA’s new ice-monitoring satellite approaches, UB scientists are among many worldwide who are counting down the days. They’re excited, but nervous, too. That’s what happens when your future research is reliant on equipment that’s going to be hurled, atop a flaming rocket, into the harsh environs of outer space. Or when — as in the case of UB climate scientist Beata Csatho — you actually helped to build the thing that’s blasting into orbit.


Going to a school as large as UB can be daunting for many incoming freshmen and transfer students, which is why the Office of Student Engagement is committed to creating new ways to foster a sense of community and belonging for those new to UB.


As UB’s Ellicott Complex was filled with energy on Thursday with new students moving into residence halls, one of the prime examples of students being environmentally conscious was amid all of the excitement. Two tents, positioned next to Crossroads Culinary Center, contained all sorts of everyday items essential to living in the residence halls. Used desk lamps, rugs, laundry baskets, mini-refrigerators, and even textbooks were all for sale thanks to the work of UB ReUSE.


Installing solar panels at the Cazenovia Park ice rink. Making streetlights more energy efficient on Genesee and Niagara streets. Curbing pollution in Scajaquada Creek.

All are examples of how UB’s Institute for Research and Education in eNergy, Environment and Water (RENEW) is working with the city of Buffalo to help create a smarter, cleaner and more resilient community.