Non-SUNY Programs

These are study abroad programs that are not supported nor vetted by the University at Buffalo. These programs are often through third-party vendors such as CEA, AIFS, CIEE, Semester at Sea, etc, however these also include study abroad programs administered by SUNY Community Colleges.  If a student chooses to participate in a non-SUNY study abroad program, they will apply directly to the non-SUNY program, and pay the associated fees directly to the program provider. Students must take a leave of absence (filed through the Office of the Registrar) and thus, financial aid from UB will not be applied to these programs. Students must also notify the Office of Study Abroad Programs of their intended participation in a non-SUNY program. Once the program is completed, transcripts (if available) are to be sent to the UB Office of Admissions for transfer credit. Grades earned will not be factored into the overall UB GPA. There is no guarantee that credits earned abroad on these types of programs will count as credit toward graduation or toward a major/minor/general education requirement.