Non-Credit Travel Approval and Registration

UB students on a medical mission trip to Panama.

International Travel with Students

The Office of International Education has been identified as the office for approval and training with regard to international non-credit travel with students. All university activities and programs are subject to a new policy and procedure.

University at Buffalo Policy and Procedure on UB Employees taking Students to Other Countries for Non-Credit Activities

The following policy and procedure implements the SUNY Procedure, “International Travel with Students,” dated March 10, 2017 (SUNY Document 8952).

1.      As soon as possible, the employee(s) should consult the Director of Study Abroad Programs, about plans for this travel; a minimum of three months’ advance notice is recommended. When students earn credit through international travel, they normally work with the Office of Study Abroad Programs.

2.      The consultation with the Director of Study Abroad Programs will address the countries/regions to be visited, students participating, purpose of the trip, travel logistics, insurance for the employee and students, and risk management and emergency planning for the trip.

3.      The employee will complete the Non-Credit International Travel Authorization Form (see button below) and identify the responsible supervisor in his/her unit who has authorized the travel. Approval of the travel will be contingent on the employee(s) demonstrating adequate preparation in terms of travel planning and familiarity with risk management protocols.

4.      Employee will notify the Director of Study Abroad Programs when travel arrangements are finalized and will then be directed to provide the official/confirmed list of students and their Person Numbers; this list will be provided to the Student Medical Insurance Office so that the students can be billed for international insurance coverage while abroad.

5.      During the trip, the employee will promptly notify the Director of Study Abroad Programs should an emergency arise, or any other matter of a critical nature relating to student health and safety. Any situation involving the evacuation or repatriation of students will also be referred to the insurance provider.

6.      Upon return, the employee will provide a brief report to the Director of Study Abroad Programs describing the student activities and outcomes, and noting any issues of concern. This report should also indicate any plans to conduct the trip again in future, or transition to a credit-bearing program.

*Non-credit travel with students to other countries may include research, service, field, clinical, and/or work programs as well as short-term trips for conferences and workshops.

Importance of Registering International Travel with Students

Registering international travel with the Office of International Education will ensure that program coordinators and the participants:

  • Are informed about and enrolled in international health insurance
  • Have signed a waiver that releases the program coordinator and SUNY of non-vetted program liability and personal risk    
  • Are entered into our database and have access to risk management tools to help them make informed decisions about international travel

Request Authorization to Travel Internationally with Students

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