Global Dexterity Micro-Credential

Highlight the intercultural competencies you develop through University at Buffalo's global learning experiences.

What is "global dexterity"?

Global dexterity is the ability to adapt one’s behavior to achieve the effective engagement of a new culture.

The Global Dexterity micro-credential challenges students to develop and practice effective intercultural behavior. Available to UB students that participate in a global learning program, the Global Dexterity micro-credential invites participants to integrate their learning from the hands-on experience of a new culture, group reflection sessions, and written work. This multi-dimensional learning experience is designed to facilitate students’ successful engagement of new cultures.

Who is eligible to earn the Global Dexterity micro-credential?

Any student (undergraduate or graduate) who completes a UB-endorsed global learning experience. These experiences could include:

  • credit-bearing study abroad through UB or SUNY
  • non-credit experiential education through UB
  • international research
  • global internships
  • international humanitarian initiatives

What is the process for earning the Global Dexterity micro-credential?

To earn the Global Dexterity micro-credential, students will complete a blend of hands-on learning activities, written work, and small group reflections. The timeline for completion is as follows:

  1. Identify the global learning experience that will provide the context for the micro-credential
  2. Complete the Global Dexterity micro-credential application (see link below)
  3. Pre-travel: participate in a group orientation session that provides a rationale and framework for completion of the micro-credential
  4. During travel: develop and practice your global dexterity (using the framework discussed in the orientation session)
  5. Post-travel: complete a brief written reflection on the experience
  6. Post-travel: participate in a group reflection session to share your learning with peers 

What are the benefits of completing the Global Dexterity micro-credential?

The Global Dexterity micro-credential is a means to illustrate your ability to engage new cultures. Such intercultural competence is increasingly identified as an essential skill in today’s workplace and broader society. As such, earning the Global Dexterity micro-credential will allow you to display an essential skill to future employers, internship supervisors, and graduate school admissions committees, among others.