For Tutors

How to pass along your knowledge to someone else.

Student and tutor working together.

Peer tutoring is a rewarding experience that allows you to serve your fellow students and gain valuable experience while doing it. TASS tutors can make a big difference working with their tutees and hone their own skills in the process. Our team consists of more than 60 tutors who help in high-demand subjects and courses. We also have academic coaches who work with students holistically, dealing with stress related to classes, time management and study strategies.

How to apply.

To become a tutor, you must be at least a sophomore and have earned an A- or higher in the course you wish to tutor. We hire tutors based on demand, so we will contact you if there is a demand for your subject matter.

If you would like to become a tutor and join our team, fill out our application. We review all applications we receive. Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.

For current tutors.

Whether you’ve been with TASS for a while or are just getting started, the following information will help you stay on top of your responsibilities as a tutor.