Reserve a Table (Student Union Lobby / Patio)

Use this form to reserve a table in the lobby or on the patio of the Student Union or Harriman Hall.

If you did not yet read the informational space reservation content in the Student Services Gateway, please do that before completing and submitting this form.


Reserve space through UBLinked. The information on this page is only for University departments.

About Reservations

  • Groups may reserve tables for the Student Union lobby/patio or the Harriman Hall lobby.
  • Groups cannot reserve more than one lobby/patio table at a time on a given day.
  • Table usage is limited to the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Your group must be in compliance with University fund-raising rules and regulations.
  • Your group is responsible for signing out the equipment at the Student Union and / or Harriman Hall Welcome Centers.
  • Tables and chairs shall be set up and taken down by your group.
  • Student club and organization tables: one four-foot table and two chairs are provided.
  • Vendor tables: two six-foot tables and two chairs are provided.
  • No additional sound equipment is permitted at tables.
  • This request is subject to availability of space and approval by Student Unions.

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