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At UB, we recognize that clubs and organizations are an invaluable part of the university community. We are proud to support campus groups by offering a variety of programs and services designed to help them.

On this page:

Serving Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Activities and Organizations assists student organizations by providing a range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Advisement on policies from Campus Life, the university and SUNY
  • Starting a new student organization
  • Campus programs
  • Officer elections
  • Budget requests
  • Fundraising
  • Travel
  • Student Union office space
  • Participation in recruiting events

Student Organization Workshops

Discover how your student organization can be more efficient and effective in meeting its goals and using the resources available throughout the university.

We also encourage you to view the available workshops for student organizations, or contact Student Activities to request a different workshop for your club or organization.

Recruiting Opportunities

If you represent a campus organization, there are a number of ways you can connect with new students and introduce them to your group:

  • UBLinked Involvement Fair (during summer orientation)
  • CampusFEST (during Welcome Weekend)

Students will learn how campus groups contribute to UB’s community, tradition and pride — and see firsthand how they can get involved.


To be eligible to participate in either recruitment opportunity, your student organization must be recognized through UB’s official recognition process, and must also have an up-to-date profile in UBLinked. Please contact Student Activities and Organizations if you have questions about your eligibility.

New Student Organization Recognition Process

New student organizations must be officially recognized in order to participate in certain campus-wide events and have a presence on UBLinked. An organization can be recognized by one of UB’s student governments, or by a university department or office. We encourage you to visit the Student Activities office, and then we can refer you to the appropriate recognizing agent if needed.

Student Government Recognition University Department or Office Recognition

Student governments can serve as official recognizing agents for new student organizations. All organizations must comply with all the formal rules and regulations related to the student government’s recognition process.

There are currently seven student governments that have an affiliation with the University at Buffalo:

To learn more about receiving recognition by one of these governments, please contact them directly. Your organization will also have to complete the New Student Organization Registration form as part of the recognition process.

About Student Governments

At UB, independent student governments proudly represent the student body to university administration. All our governments are funded by the mandatory student activity fee, per SUNY guidelines.

Student organizations seeking recognition from a university department or office are required to perform the following in order to be formally recognized:
  • Fill out the New Student Organization Registration form through Campus Life.
  • Set up a “Starting a New Student Organization” advisement session with the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Organizations in Campus Life.
  • Seek approval from a university department or office. A letter of support must be written by the school’s Dean or Director and submitted to Campus Life.
  • A constitution for the proposed student organization is submitted to Campus Life for review and approval.
  • After a letter of support is submitted and constitution approved, a UBLinked page for the new student organization will be created to finalize the University-Wide Recognition process.

Student Organization Registration

To complete recognition for student organizations via UBLinked, follow these steps:

Step 1. Learn about the recognition policy.

Step 2. Log into UBLinked.

Step 3. Follow the instructions on UBLinked to register the organization, and receive confirmation that your recognition has been approved.

Step 4. If your organization has not been approved, you must follow instructions to complete your submission until approval has been confirmed.

Step 5. Maintain current information on UBLinked, including contact information of all officers, advisors, and liaisons; roster of active members; and group’s constitution and by-laws, including those organizations external to the University with which the group may be affiliated

University Council Representative

The University Council serves as the primary oversight and advisory board to the University at Buffalo and its president and senior officers. This student representative sits on a 10-member board (the others are appointed by the governor of the State of New York) and serves as the voice for all UB students.


The regular duties of the University Council include reviewing the university’s major plans and activities in the areas of academics, student life, finances, and building and grounds, and then making recommendations to benefit the university in matters of community and alumni relations. A more detailed description of the roles and responsibilities of the University Council can be found in the New York State Education Law, Section 356.

For additional information please contact Luke Haumesser in the Campus Life office located in 150 Student Union or via email.

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